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Black Hops Farm Owner Plans for Brewery, Even Without Flying Dog

He's currently searching for a brewmaster.

Lucketts will still get a brewery in the near future — it just won't be from Flying Dog.

Black Hops Farm owner Jonathan Staples plans to move forward with his plans for a hops processing facility on the property, as first reported by the Loudon-Times Mirror. His plans will now include a brewery as well.

Flying Dog Brewery recently canceled plans for the experimental brewery on the 53-acre farm in Lucketts, Virginia.

Staples told Eater the facility's construction is nearly complete and equipment is scheduled to arrive on June 12. He's currently vetting brewmasters and hopes to develop a clear strategy in the next few weeks. When Flying Dog was on board, a mid-August opening was planned, but now the changes will mean a delay for the project.

Staples also says the farm and the on-site hops processing facility will remain the primary drivers of the project. "I'm not going to do an imitation of what [Flying Dog] would have done," he says.

Editor's note: The name of the farm is Black Hops Farm, not Stone Farm as previously stated.