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Rico Wisner IN at Ambar

The mixologist just helped open a restaurant in Serbia.

Rico Wisner at Ambar
Rico Wisner at Ambar
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Rico Wisner is the new brand mixologist for Balkan restaurant Ambar.

Wisner just returned from several weeks in Belgrade, where he helped opened a new Ambar location across the globe. He'll supervise the drinks lists for both restaurants, as well as oversee any future international expansion of the brand. He most recently worked at Graffiato before joining the team.

"The trip was very inspiring," Wisner told Eater. "People walk into Ambar sometimes and just start speaking to me in Serbian because most people who work there are from somewhere in [the Balkans], so I'm the odd man out. It helped me understand the culture a whole lot more."

Ambar's drink list has always emphasized the Serbian liquor of rakia. Wisner jokes that his job at the Capitol Hill location is introducing drinkers to rakai, while he's more of an ambassador for cocktail cultural in general over in Belgrade.

Wisner will introduce some changes to Ambar's drinks list locally, including more of an emphasis on boozy lemonades.


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