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Mondays are Sour Mondays at Bluejacket

The team just loves its sour beers.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

It's no secret that Greg Engert and the Bluejacket team love sour beers. Just look at the beer lists at the Neighborhood Restaurant Group's bars, or their recent ABV festival focused partly on the brewing style.

Earlier spring, the team took an additional step to increase their sour beer output at the brewery: Sour Mondays. The idea: begin brewing a new tart beer on each Monday (fermenting the substance with lactobacillus, the key bacteria). After a few days, the brewers boil off the brew and may add spices or fruit, or send it to a barrel.

Some of the sour beers that have resulted from the project: the Wallflower and Further brews (no longer available) and The Jam and Jackal varieties (still available). They'll add more to the program too, including new batches of the cherry-spiked Vignette, the Rheinard de Vos sour red, a sour Farmhouse Ale and a Blueberry-Lilac Sour, according to a spokeswoman.


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