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Three D.C. Restaurants Having Fun with Avocado

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Grilled, topped with quinoa or the classic avocado toast.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Avocado: it's one of those ingredients that tends to draw obsessive fans. D.C. restaurants are no exception.

An avocado toast pioneer. A Japanese avocado innovator. And a barely-open restaurant with its own unique spin on the fruit. Here are three amazing avocado dishes to check out around town:

The dish: Avocado Bruschetta

Where to find it: Cork Wine Bar

The lowdown: Arguably the wine bar's signature dish, Cork has been dishing out orders and orders of this avocado toast before the dish was the trendiest thing in the world. The simple small plate is grilled bread topped with sliced avocado, pistachios, pistachio oil and sea salt.

Avocado bruschetta at Cork [Photo: Facebook]

Avocado bruschetta at Cork [Photo: Facebook]

The dish: Grilled avocado with ponzu

Where to find it: Daikaya izakaya

The lowdown: Here, the grilled avocado is topped with ponzu (made in-house at the restaurant), as well as fresh wasabi and nori salt.

Grilled avocado at Daikaya.

Grilled avocado at Daikaya.

The dish: Grilled avocado with quinoa

Where to find it: The Royal

The lowdown: The Royal officially opens tonight after a couple of soft opening events, and diners will still be talking about this grilled avocado dish. It's topped with red quinoa, lentils and a pumpkin seed-thickened vinaigrette.

Grilled avocado at The Royal.

Grilled avocado at The Royal.