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A Super-Secret Farmers Market, Restaurant Breakups and More Morning Intel

Five mini news bites to start your morning.

Capella's exclusive rooftop.
Capella's exclusive rooftop.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

*The NSA: they're in your veggies. Express goes inside the kind-of-top-secret farmers and lunch market at the National Security Agency. "We see [our customers] outside and it's always a big secret," Sexy Vegie owner Ashwini Paraquad tells Express. "It's like, ‘Great seeing you on Friday!,' but we don't mention where we've seen each other on Friday." [Express]

*Got an extra $4,000 hanging around? Head to the Capella and relax on their exclusive rooftop with Tim Gunn & co. [RS]

*It has a name. The second restaurant and cafe from the Baked & Wired crew will be called TriBaked. [MVTB]

*BREAKING: Petworth is getting a 7-Eleven. Unleash the commenters. [PoP]

*Imagine seeing a poor guy get down on one knee with a ring, and have his date walk out on him. That actually happened at Cashion's Eats Place. Young & Hungry explores the depressing world of restaurant breakups. [WCP]