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Mastro's May Be a Steakhouse, But Tom Sietsema Says It's Still Good

Plus, reviews of Maxime, Texas de Brazil and more.

Steak at Mastro's
Steak at Mastro's
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Tom Sietsema's among those suffering from steakhouse fatigue in D.C. That said, he has nice things to say about Mastro's, the new addition to downtown that he awards two stars.

You’re likely here for steak. The bulk of the corn-fed Midwestern beef is prime Holstein. New York strip is dense, delectable and, like all the cuts here, rubbed with garlic, onion, paprika and more before hitting the grill, where the tangy slab picks up a lovely char. Thick, juicy bone-in rib-eye is its primal equal, although the single best meat I’ve had at Mastro’s is the glossy, fist-size, powerfully delicious, one-pound veal chop. Hot steaks on hot plates make for a lot of sizzle in the first few moments of a meal.

Other positives: live music, solid sushi and a glam atmosphere. Avoid the swordfish, though. [WaPo]

Becky Krystal checks out the new Texas de Brazil — but from a vegetarian perspective. One issue: many of the items on the salad bar actually contain meat.

Overall, it felt a lot like being the side-dish-eating outlier at Thanksgiving. Some dishes were underseasoned, some were overseasoned. A good number hit that middling mediocrity that leaves you largely indifferent, neither in love nor in disgust. [WaPo]

Maura Judkis checks out the new, clubby steak frites place in Georgetown: Maxime. Cliff notes: just stick with the beef. [WaPo]

Arlington Magazine has a first look at the new Barrel and Bushel in Tysons Corner. Some early highlights include chorizo sliders and mac and cheese. [AM]

Don Rockwell christens Osteria da Nino the best restaurant in Shirlington.

This is a restaurant you have to know about in order to find it, and it’s going to need to get some publicity out there in order to succeed, especially at dinnertime. And succeed it should, because right now there’s nothing else this good in all of Shirlington. [DR]

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