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Bardo By the Ballpark Delayed; Habit Burger Has Intense Fans and More Intel

Mini news bites to start your morning.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

*3 Stars' Tallboy cans have officially arrived. [Facebook]

*Speaking of beer, blood orange brews are having a moment. Flying Dog has the Bloodline Blood Orange ale, and other takes are available locally, too. [DCB]

*In news that will shock no one, Bardo's ambitious Navy Yard beer garden won't be open by baseball season. Owner Andrew Stewart's saying October, "If we're lucky." [WBJ]

*Ruz Uz: now with Russian chocolate and Uzbek honey. [ARLNOW]

*A few people are just a little bit excited about the impending arrival of Habit Burger. [DR, Twitter]

*In Japan, even the cat cafes are better. Actually, you'd be surprised. They've still got D.C. on owl cafes, though. [Thrillist]