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One Eight Distilling Revamps its White Whiskey Recipe

It's now a higher proof and 100 percent rye.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

One Eight Distilling is ready to release a new and improved version of its Rock Creek White Whiskey.

The main differences: the new whiskey is higher proof (99 percent versus the former 80 percent), and now made from 100 percent rye (previously it was a mix of rye and corn). The new whiskey is now more like the traditional Pennsylvania style of whiskey, explained co-founder Sandy Wood. The recipe uses a combination of organic and malted rye, and the flavor profile is spicy and peppery, with a bit of a toasty taste as well, Wood explained.

Some of the area's leading bartenders, like Gina Cherservani and Duane Sylvestre, helped inspire the change from their feedback, said co-founder Alex Laufer. The idea: the new mixture is less sweet and should be more versatile when used in cocktails. That's a particular bonus factor since, due to changes in D.C. regulations, One Eight is now able to serve cocktails at its Northeast facility.

The new Rock Creek White Whiskey will appear in D.C. and Montgomery County retailers and restaurants this July.

Rock Creek White Whiskey [Photo: Missy Frederick]

Rock Creek White Whiskey [Photo: Missy Frederick]

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