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Falafel and Privilege, A Carnitas Shortage Solution and More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

Birch & Barley
Birch & Barley
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

*A young writer tries to shake off his white privilege by working at Amsterdam Falafel. Gawker notes the irony of the tale ending up in The Washington Post, and commences mocking. [WaPo, Gawker]

*The dates are being set for various D.C. Beer Week events, like DC Brau's crab feast. The week starts Aug. 9. [DCB]

*Could the Great Carnitas Shortage finally be coming to an end? Chipotle has lined up a pork supplier. [E]

*DC Central Kitchen's 100th Class graduated Friday. Eater took an in-depth look at the program earlier this spring. [FB, E]

*Quote of the morning from The Hill restaurant critic and gossip columnist Warren Rojas: "'Wait -- how many cats do you have?' -- bartender may have just devised the ideal litmus test for cutting people off #settledownmeow." [Twitter]

*Neighborhood Restaurant Group's restaurant gets its liquor license approved — but not without some hurdles. [CHC]

*Birch & Barley has kicked off tomato season by canning 100 pounds of tomatoes. Chef Kyle Bailey recently told Eater the goal is to be able to entirely supply the restaurant with tomatoes through the winter. [Twitter]