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The Sausage Kiss, Diner en Blanc Returns and More Intel

Mini news bites to start the morning.

Diner en Blanc
Diner en Blanc
R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

*Ignore restaurants that fall in the "middle" between high-end and low-end and you'll avoid a middling meal, Todd Kliman says. [Washingtonian]

*Presented without comment:

*How did one Reston-based chef fare on Food Network Star? Click here.

*Time to pack up the silverware, picnic furniture, food, napkins, anything-else-one-might-need-to-dine-at-home-except-this-is-outside-and-supposed-to-be-exclusive: Diner en Blanc is coming back.

*Gasp — restaurant news- and rumors-breaker and Door of the Day correspondent Prince of Petworth has moved out of Petworth.