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Which D.C. Pizza Gives the Most Pie for the Price?

Doing the math.

Pete's Apizza
Pete's Apizza

Pizza is the quintessential dirt cheap eat. But not all pizzas are created or priced equally. It's more expensive up-front, but ordering a larger 16" or 18" pie always works out to be a better value than going individual-sized. Even if it's too much for one sitting, no one has ever complained about having leftover pizza.

Eater DC looked at some of the most notable pizza joints around the city to see which ones are most wallet-friendly. The evaluation was based on the simple cheese pie or similar alternative. Values are rounded to the nearest cent.

While prices are obviously tied to things like location and ingredient quality, it's clear some pizzerias offer much more bang for the buck. Check out the results:

Restaurant Pizza Name Pizza Size Pizza Price Price per Square Inch
Duccini's Pizza Tomato & Cheese Pizza 16 inch $13.99 $0.08
Matchbox Oven-dried and fresh mozzarella 10 inch/14 inch $14/$22 $0.18/$0.14
Menomale Margherita 12 inch $12 $0.11
Pete's New Haven Original Cheese 14 inch/18 inch $14.50/$18 $0.09/$0.07
Pizzeria Paradiso Quatro Formaggi 9 inch/12 inch $13/$19 $0.20/$0.17
We The Pizza Simple Cheese Pie 14 inch/16 inch $18/$20 $0.12/$0.10
Wiseguy NY Pizza Cheese Pizza 18 inch $18.59 $0.07