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Maine Ave. Fish Market Trouble, Changes to Shaw's Tavern & More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

Shaw's Tavern
Shaw's Tavern
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

*Vendors at the Maine Avenue Fish Market are suing over claims they're being forced out, due to redevelopment. [WCP]

*New owners means new changes, and one of those changes is that Shaw's Tavern is expanding into its upstairs space. [PoP]

*Maryland's governor is biting back over the Virginia governor's attempt to claim Maryland crab for his state. [WTOP]

*Speaking of crab, Food & Wine wants to teach you how to pick it like a Marylander. [F&W]

*Todd Kliman does a local food taste test with some panelists to see if farm food wins out. [Washingtonian]