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Petition Supporters to José Andrés: #DumpTrump

The celebrity chef plans to open a restaurant inside the upcoming Trump Hotel, and some are unhappy about it.

Calls for José Andrés to cut ties with Donald Trump picked up steam over the holiday weekend. Last month, the property developer made controversial comments about Mexican immigrants during his official announcement to pursue the Republican presidential nomination.

petition on now says the celebrity chef "should reconsider opening a restaurant inside Trump's D.C. hotel." The hotel plans to open inside the Old Post Office in 2016, and Andrés announced plans to open a restaurant there last year. The petition currently has more than 300 supporters.

The José Andrés team hasn't responded to a request for comment. But the chef himself replied to Armando Trull of WAMU/88.5 FM on Twitter. The chef was responding to Trull's reporting on Latino activists' calls for Andrés to dump Trump.

Companies like NBC, Macy's and Univision have already dropped Trump, and now the food world is getting involved too. According to Drink DC, a Chicago craft brewery has removed its beer from Rebar, a bar inside Trump Hotel Chicago.