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Olivia's Diner, The Yummy Pig and a Controversial Subway Open

Additions for Mt. Pleasant, Leesburg and downtown.

The Yummy Pig
The Yummy Pig
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

1) MT. PLEASANT: Poop-emoji protests can't stop "progress." Subway has opened its doors in Mt. Pleasant. Status: Certified open. 3174 Mount Pleasant St. NWwebsite.

2) LEESBURG: The Yummy Pig has replaced The Q Company, also serving up barbecue. Status: Certified open. 17 Catoctin Circle, Leesburg, Va.; website.

3) DOWNTOWN: Olivia's Diner has made its debut. They're not 24/7 yet, though. Status: Certified open. 1120 19th St. NW; no website yet.