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Tater Tot Waffles, Maine Ave. Fish Market Redevelopment and More Intel

Mini news bites to start the morning.

Maine Ave. Fish Market
Maine Ave. Fish Market

*"Mastering the Art of INSERT YOUR SUBJECT HERE" has become the cliche of the cookbook world. [WaPo]

*Tiki here, tiki there, tiki everywhere. [WCP]

*Crab connoisseurs, here's a video about how the redevelopment team at the Southwest Waterfront plans to preserve the historic Maine Ave. Fish Market. [WBJ]

*A nine-year-old boy has died after his mother's boyfriend beat him for eating a piece of birthday cake without permission, according to police. [Reuters]

*Tater tot waffles? What?

*Hipsters may have plenty of reasons for avoiding Montgomery County, but here's one excuse they no longer have: the county is slashing markups on craft beer. [BM]

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