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Tasty Burger To Open First Location Outside of Boston in Shaw

Another restaurant is opening in the neighborhood.

Tasty Burger Fenway in Boston
Tasty Burger Fenway in Boston
C. Bingham

Boston burger chain Tasty Burger is coming to D.C.

David DuBois, the CEO of Franklin Restaurant Group, told Eater the restaurant will open perhaps later this year. Details are still vague, but they won't open until winter 2015 at the earliest. The location is in the Atlantic Plumbing Building (updated).

The burger joint is among more than 20 restaurants that will open in Shaw during the next year. DuBois doesn't currently have plans to open more locations in D.C. "All of our restaurants are really neighborhood-centric and we're really excited to be part of that neighborhood in particular," he explains. "It's not part of a big expansion."

All Tasty Burger locations have different layouts, so the one in D.C. will also be distinct. The menu of build-your-own and specialty burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and sides will remain the same.

The burger chain currently has four location in Boston and Cambridge, a stand inside Fenway Park and a food truck. According to Eater Boston, it's known for it's retro vibe, grass-fed beef and eco-friendly packaging. It's also the official burger of the Boston Red Sox.