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Restaurant Name Hilarity, How to Afford Restaurant Eve & More Intel

Mini-news bites for the morning.

R. Lopez

What's in a Name?

Ampersands? Vague threats? Random objects that might be found in a restaurant? They're all restaurant name trends in Washington. Meanwhile, here are some funny almost-restaurant names (yes, The Fainting Goat could have been Scotch & Sofa). [Washingtonian]

Affordable Eve

For the first time, high-end Restaurant Eve is participating in Alexandria Restaurant Week (the exact offerings haven't been posted). Between that, the newish Green Garden lunch and its newly-popular Filipino tasting menu, the white tablecloth destination is definitely finding ways to appeal to the less flush.

Dog Days of Summer

For those who really, really want to learn more about Flying Dog Brewery, BYT has about 15,000 words on the topic. The CEO only needs one word, though, to describe what he sees as the brewery's reputation: "hoppy." [BYT]

Yet Another Delivery Service

Looks like D.C. diners will soon have one more way to avoid eating in actual restaurants. Delivery start-up Peach is planning to enter the market. [E]

Teetotalers, Take Note

And Tweet of the Morning is good advice for non-drinkers from @AnnLimpert:

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