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Half Smokes for Breakfast, Red Light Revamps and More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

Red Light
Red Light
R. Lopez

Who Needs Lettuce

WaPo Food has a "you don't win friends with salad" essay. The argument: salad "has almost nothing going for it," with issues like nutrition and waste being a problem, though the argument that some people actually like the taste of salad isn't really addressed. [WaPo]

No Breweries In Our Backyard

Some Purcellville residents have been facing off against Old 690 Brewery. New laws are trying to accommodate for the recent brewery boom, while some neighbors just don't want breweries near residential neighborhoods, period. [LT]

A Temporary Shutter

Red Light, the dessert bar on 14th Street, will close for two weeks for a revamp. Washingtonian says they're broadening the menu and making things less lounge-y. [Washingtonian]

Late Night Food Porn

UrbanDaddy has a photo essay of D.C.'s late night food options (warning: lots of clicking required). Among the dishes highlighted: beer brat pie from Dangerously Delicious and GBD's Lil Chicken Biscuit. [UD]

Wake Up with a Half Smoke

Ben's Chili Bowl kicks off breakfast service this morning:

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