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The Best of Boardwrap, from Pitbull Woes to Truffle Confusion

The feature is retiring, so here are some past highlights.

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It's time to say goodbye to Boardwrap, Eater's weekly chronicle of the best and worst of the message boards. All Eater sites are retiring the feature, so for one last hurrah, here are some of the most amusing (and a few generally helpful) entries throughout Boardwrap's brief history. Enjoy.

*"They had bread and cheese but would NOT MAKE A GRILLED CHEESE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!"*Not gonna lie, my favorite part about this place is the bathroom. [Yelp]

* A small lamentation, a gnat in a world full of larger disappointments, but if you like a good croque, don't bother with this one. [DR]

*If you don't care about being treated like dogshit, mentally adjust my rating to four stars. [Yelp]

* It's not worth waiting in a line in 100 degree weather for. Are people just bored?? [US]

Wildly imaginative cocktails with twee names? Check. [Yelp]

Where's the love? Not here, they put zero love into making my breakfast. [Yelp]

*I do compliment them on their kid's menu, which offers real food instead of crap. [DR]

Bimbo-something was great. [US]

It wasn't Falls Church Hot, let alone BANGKOK HOT. [Yelp]

No flavor to weigh the food down. [US]

Signature dishes were not that signature. [US]

It's like a favorite comfy sweater of a bar--you can hang on to it for years and years through different stages of life and it still fits just right. [DR]

Ignore the preposterous price tag ($50!) and treat yourself to one of the better pasta dishes you will ever eat. [DR]

*Docking a star because I've yet to hear any Pitbull. [Yelp]

* No no no no. It's like re-living undergrad all over again. [Yelp]

*Hopefully some Republicans eat a few of these and have heart attacks. [Yelp]

*The mac and cheese comes with a truffle sauce but I ordered mine without the chocolate sauce. [Yelp]

*4.5 stars for banging alligator fingers! [Yelp]

*So the birthday girl is supposed to choose which friends to sit with? [Yelp]

I wasn't aware potato was a flavor. [US]

* Patrons range from 30-70 and you will see older folk in there twerking! [Yelp]

*It's like tapas, but not boring like how tapas has become in DC. [DR]

*Hard to distinguish from the rest of the expensive steak house mafia...[Yelp]

*Despite that, a basic request for just scrambled eggs came out with grits and cheese mixed in which promptly got rejected by our daughter. [Yelp]

*Old fries, no gravy and melted cheese does not a Poutine make. [US]

*Great place for happy hour if you are looking for a sugardaddy or sugarmomma, or to hear the latest trends in plastic surgery. [Yelp]

*I was hoping to like this place, but the food was too "flavorful" for me. [Yelp]

*I was sort of disappointed that the three of us just got one bread basket to share. [Yelp]

"I am so not a fan of high priced steakhouses, but I usually suck in and go just to confirm my feeling."[Yelp]

"I had to eat my "sandwich" like a dog would eat out of a bowl."[Yelp]

"Stunningly bad food in a place that seems to be at peace with its own mortality." [Yelp]

"I came in feeling like a boy and left as a man." [Yelp]

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