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Pupusa Tacos, Restaurant Week Bingo and More Intel

Mini-news bites for the morning.

Rito Loco
Rito Loco
R. Lopez

Fake food allergy? Check!

One anonymous restaurant apparently played "Restaurant Week Bingo" during the dreaded (by servers, anyway) promotion. Some of the spaces: people who mention they are avid Yelpers or bloggers, "insecure" orderers and "dry" tables that don't order booze. [WCP]

Free Coffee Alert

Delivery service Galley is doing a promotion today where coffee fiends can get a free delivery of nitro cold brew coffee today from Compass Coffee. They have to download the app and "request coffee" to get it, though.

Come back, Bob's Burgers, come back!

Here's a rundown of all the food-focused television premiering this fall. Most are return seasons but there are some newbies, like I'll Have What Phil's Having from the Everybody Loves Raymond creator. [E]

As long as you can afford the tab

Washingtonian offers suggestions on where to drink away bad financial news. Yes, Recessions is involved. [Washingtonian]

Three words: pupusa breakfast tacos

Rito Loco launches breakfast at its Shaw location today. Among the offerings: egg-topped pupusa tacos:

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