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Cold Soba at Sushi Taro, A Reston Restaurant Gets Ambitious and More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

Sushi Taro
Sushi Taro

For the love of poultry

Today's arbitrary listicle comes from Zagat, which highlights eight chicken dishes around town. There are some classics here, like Le Diplomate's chicken palliard, but the wildcard is that intriguing giant chicken parm from Met Bethesda. [Zagat]


A higher-end restaurant coming to Reston. Will it be praised for its ambition or knocked because it dares not to be family-friendly in a sea of chains? Don Rockwell's forum debates. [DR]

15 cent fruit cup, anyone?

This is a cool find from the U.S. Government Publishing Office: its cafeteria menu from 1958. Chopped liver spread's on special and carrot ambrosia is 15 cents. [Twitter]

But summer isn't over, is it?

Pumpkin beer is arriving on shelves way before it's technically fall. Case in point: Dogfish Head announces the release date of its Punkin Ale (at least it isn't in August). [DDC]

Ok good, summer isn't over yet

Sushi Taro is serving sudachi cold soba as a special today (and the citrus-spiked dish looks pretty great). They're not the only place in town to play around with cold noodles during warmer months: restaurants like Daikaya downtown and Maneki Neko in Falls Church have served up cold ramen when it's hot outside.

Sudachi cold soba at Sushi Taro [Photo: Facebook]

Sudachi cold soba at Sushi Taro [Photo: Facebook]

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