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SKWR Brings Kabobs (But No Vowels) to Downtown D.C. Friday

The owners grew up cooking at Reston Kabob.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Restaurant names that lack vowels have been pretty trendy in D.C. for the past couple of years. But in the case of SKWR, there's some history behind the name choice.

The name is a nod to Farsi, the language which first coined the word "kabob." Farsi lacks vowels in its alphabet, so that was the reasoning behind the name choice for SKWR, which opens downtown Friday.

SKWR is opening at 1400 K Street for both lunch and dinner from owners Tamim Shoja, Hemad Khwaja and Masoud Shoja. The Shojas, who are cousins, grew up in Virginia running their parents' restaurants Dulles Kabob and Reston Kabob (which just closed).

Like many Chipotle-influenced fast-casual restaurants, diners will choose a base, spread, protein and toppings to build their dish. Meats will include lamb, chicken, beef and meatballs, and they're marinated for twelve hours.

Kabobs from SKWR [Photo: Official]

Kabobs from SKWR [Photo: Official]