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Restaurant Mini-Vacations, Chef-Endorsed Dive Bars and More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

Art's Tavern
Art's Tavern

Back before you know it

The &pizza location on U Street has to do some quick renovations. But PoPville reports they could reopen as soon as tomorrow. [PoP]

To ampersand or "and"? That is the question.

Todd Kliman goes long on restaurant name trends. He sees them now as such: ampersands linking two things (Barrel & Crow et al), solid single-words (think "Table"), and The X" (The Riggsby, etc.). [Washingtonian]

Whiskey history

The journey to open Jos. A. Magnus Distillery started with a 100-year old bourbon. Young & Hungry explores the roots of the new D.C. spirits-maker. [WCP]

Not quite back to school

Restaurant Nora's going on summer break. Organic disciples will have to rely on Whole Foods and the like until Sept. 10. [FB]

No Cosmos allowed

Thrillist has a fun roundup of chef's favorite dive bars. It includes both some of the usual suspects (The Raven) and some less obvious picks, like Victor Albisu's shoutout to Art's Tavern in Falls Church. [Thrillist]

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