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Check Out Renderings of 3 Stars Brewery's New Tasting Room

It's expected to open later this fall.

3 Stars Tasting Room
3 Stars Tasting Room
Renderings Courtesy Studio 3877
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Ask designer Dave Shove-Brown what drinkers will be most excited about when they visit 3 Stars Brewery's new tasting room, and he immediately replies "air conditioning."

It'll certainly be an asset for the destination, which does major business during the hot summer months with its growler fills and beer pours. As Shove-Brown explains, 3 Stars first opened when D.C. was still figuring out breweries from a regulatory perspective, so the warehouse spaces frequently didn't open with a lot of bells and whistles.

The new tasting room, designed by Studio3877, will have an industrial look, with metal garage doors, exposed wood beams and a concrete floor. There's room for 60 seats in the 1,100 square foot space, with picnic tables and high tops. Barrels surround the bar area, too, and the 3 Stars logo colors are used for graphics on the walls. They'll have eight beers on tap, bottles of brews and growler refills. Shove-Brown describes the vibe as "urban farmhouse." There's some space for new murals, though the team made sure to keep the original ones as well. The room will be the first thing visitors see when they visit the brewery.

3 Stars' Dave Coleman says they've given their contractors a firm October 31 deadline (a wedding has already been booked for November, and the goal is to host more private events in the upgraded space). They'll continue to conduct tours and host food trucks, too.

3 Stars Tasting Room [All renderings ]

3 Stars Tasting Room [All renderings courtesy Studio3877]