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The Early Word on Due South in Navy Yard

"Best brisket I've had in DC...Cheers to the chef."

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Due South
Due South

Bo Blair's new restaurant Due South opened last month in Navy Yard. In addition to Southern dishes like squash hush puppies and shrimp and grits, they're also turning out plenty of barbecue thanks to the restaurant's custom smoker. So far, there are very few complaints about chef Rusty Homan's cuisine. Due South currently has 11 Yelp reviews with an overall rating of four and a half stars. Read on for the early word:

The Industrial-Meets-Rustic Vibe News: Located in the Lumber Shed building in the Yards development, Urbandaddy calls the interior "industrial-meets-rustic." Blogger Bad Sentences writes, "I loved the vibe and atmosphere at this place, with lots of wrought iron..., reclaimed wood and fun light fixtures." [Urbandaddy, Bad Sentences]

The Fantastic Squash Hushpuppies News: Yelper Sara H. calls the squash hush puppies served with jalapeno aioli "fantastic" and Yelper Kelsey D. says they’re a must-order item. Yelper Kitty W.calls them "great" and Yelper Jess S. also highly recommends them. [Yelp]

The Nice and Thick Mac and Cheese News: Yelper Deanna C. writes, "the Mac n cheese was so delicious, I contemplated taking an order to go." Yelper Sara H. says it's "nice and thick - soo good!" [Yelp]

The Chicken Sandwich for Chicken Haters News: Twitter user @awshields0 calls the Nashville chicken sandwich "awesome"  and Yelper Sabrina I., who is not a chicken fan writes, "This sandwich could change how I feel about chicken, but I would need to eat it a couple more times. Yea, it's that good." [Twitter, Yelp]

The Great Pork BBQ news: Foursquare user Scron DC recommends ordering the pulled pork and Yelper T C. says it's "great." Yelper Tim H. writes, "I got the ribs and was able to cut them apart with a butter knife. Not too saucy." But Foursquare user Jake Schwartz says "the ribs are tasty but are a bit chewy." [Foursquare, Yelp]

The Dreamy Brisket News: Twitter user @the_dan loved the brisket sandwich and another Twitter user, @KeithB18 says, "Best brisket I've had in DC...Cheers to the chef." Blogger Bad Sentences says the meat was "dreamy." [Twitter, Bad Sentences]

The Not-Too-Spicy Wings with White Sauce News: Yelper Rob C. calls the smoked chicken wings with Alabama white sauce "delicious" and Tim H. says they're "very good, the rub is not too spicy." Foursquare users Nick L. and Jake Schwartz also recommend them. [Yelp, Foursquare]

The Amazing Cocktails News: Twitter user @theseventhdistrict calls the Shoofly Punch "amazing" and Yelper Barbara G. says of the drink, "Nice mix but not too strong." Yelper T C. says " the bartenders certainly know how to make a great cocktail." Yelper Deanna C. also had an "amazing" drink served in a Mason jar but can't remember the name of it. [Twitter, Yelp]

Due South

301 Water Street Southeast, , DC 20003 (202) 479-4616 Visit Website