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Remain Calm — Taylor Gourmet's New Menu Has Mozzarella Wedges

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Plus, a whole bunch of new hoagies.

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Taylor's new mozzarella wedges.
Taylor's new mozzarella wedges.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Taylor's revamped menu is here for the fall, and here's the rundown: six new hoagies, four new salads, two new sides and two starters, including (wait for it) mozzarella wedges.

New hoagies include the Pine, a vegetarian sandwich with roasted beets, feta, fresh mint, spiced almonds Greek yogurt and arugula, and the City Hall, a barbecue chicken cutlet sandwich, among others. Seasonal risotto balls, a butternut squash salad and and an arugula salad with cannellini beans and smoked bacons are among the new side offerings. Those breaded mozzarella wedges are served with marinara. The full menu is here (and below), with new items highlighted in red. A new sandwich breakdown is here:

Taylor Fall Menu