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The Best of the Wurst: Finding Currywurst in D.C.

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Celebrate Oktoberfest with this favorite German snack food.

Currywurst at Döner Bistro
Currywurst at Döner Bistro

At the snack stands or imbiss in Germany and Austria, currywurst is a popular, quick snack and late night drunk food along with doner kebabs and other forms of wurst. It's usually a pork sausage that's commonly steamed and then fried. It's then sliced and topped with ketchup (often flavored with curry) and then doused liberally with even more curry powder.

The snack was allegedly invented by Berlin food cart owner Herta Heuwer after World War II. To buoy flagging sales, she added curry powder — a favorite among British soldiers — to her ketchup recipe, which she then used to top her wurst. Who would've known then that she was making history? The dish has even become popular enough to warrant the opening of a currywurst museum called Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin.

Now that Oktoberfest has officially started, there's no better way to celebrate than with currywurst. Try it at one of these local spots.

Biergarten Haus

1355 H St. NE

At this H Street biergarten, the currywurst features two bratwurst (pork sausage with caraway and garlic). They're dusted with curry powder, topped with a house made curry ketchup and served alongside fries.

Cafe Mozart

1331 H St. NW

There are several sausage platter options at this traditional German restaurant. The currywurst at Cafe Mozart features two German knackwurst (ground veal, ground pork, and fresh garlic) in a curry sauce. Choose two sides that include spaetzle, German potato pancakes, potato salad, sauerkraut, red cabbage and more.

Döner Bistro

1654 Columbia Rd. NW

Most head to Döner Bistro for that other imbiss favorite, doner kebab. But don't miss out on the currywurst. Choose from beef or pork bratwurst, topped with a warm curry ketchup. Choose between fries or a brötchen (roll) to accompany it.

Garden District

1801 14th St. NW

Garden District is currently doing an Oktoberfest Wurst menu that features traditional German sausages and even game sausage like rabbit habanero. It also includes currywurst. Their version features a lightly smoked pork and beef sausage with house made curry sauce and fries.

Trummer's on Main

7134 Main Street, Clifton, Va.

Trummer's on Main is going to be celebrating Trummerfest until November 5. As part of their limited time menu, the restaurant will be serving currywurst. This rendition features a curry-seasoned, all beef sausage served with a side of fries.

The Airedale

3605 14th St. NW

The recently opened The Airedale features a menu of Euro snacks, such as schnitzel and croque monsieurs. Currywurst is a regular feature of the menu in the form of a bratwurst loaded with a thick currywurst sauce and served with a side of Belgian frites and lemon aioli.