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The Early Word on Edward Lee's Succotash at National Harbor

"Overall, an orgasmic experience. I think I saw Meg Ryan!"

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R. Lopez

National Harbor got it's first destination restaurant when Louisville-based chef Edward Lee opened Succotash earlier this month. The menu includes classic Southern dishes like catfish and fried green tomatoes with a subtle Asian influence. But are diners welcoming the new addition to the neighborhood? Overall, the restaurant is getting lots of praise for the food— the restaurant already has 16 Yelp reviews with an overall rating of four and a half stars. Read on for the early word on Succotash:

The Incredible Ambiance News: Diners are loving the restaurant's Southern-inspired design featuring wrought iron, exposed brick and leather booths. Yelper Craig P. writes, "Great decor with nice touches like authentic gas lamps and original art." An OpenTable poster writes, "The ambiance at this restaurant is incredible. I dined outside which was a great experience, inside the decor was top notch and was transformational." [Yelp, OT]

The Offensive Dress Code NewsYelper Ken R. took issue with the restaurant’s dress code, especially because it’s located in a casual neighborhood like National Harbor. He writes, "me and my friend was forced to sit outside because we both were males and had tank tops on which was very offensive to us." [Yelp]

The Price Debate News: Yelper Ken R. also thinks Succotash is on the pricey side, as does an OpenTable poster who writes, "All-in-all, we were disappointed with what we paid ($80) and what we received." Yet many diners think the restaurant is priced just right. Tripadvisor poster 120Mary_L says, "Succotash is a reasonably priced, unique restaurant that should definitely be tried."  [Yelp, OT, TA]

The Delicious Cast Iron Trout News: Speaking of the prices, Instagrammer manny_benton tried the cast iron trout fillets and writes, "for the price, it was okay. Nothing to write home about." But Yelper Jj J. calls the dish "delicious" and Yelper Shelbie C. agrees. She writes, "Skin was nice, not overly crispy but not a bit of sogginess." [Instagram, Yelp]

The Trance-Inducing Dirty Fried Chicken News: This Southern fried chicken dish with an Asian twist is getting lots of attention so far. Becky Krystal of the Washington Post writes, "Garnished with blue cheese, pickles and nori, the dish is a balanced mix of sweet and spicy, though not hot enough that it should scare the capsaicin-averse." OpenTable poster billiepaulsham writes, "Perhaps the best fried chicken we have ever had!" and Yelper Pescataria N. says, "My dad almost went into a trance over the fried chicken." [WaPo, OT, Yelp]

Awesome Sweet and Spicy Ribs News: OpenTable poster Callalily091 calls the ribs "awesome" and writes, "LOVED the sweet and spicy bbq sauce." Yelper Chad K. writes, "The baby back ribs were very tasty with a nice rub on them." [OT, Yelp]

The Best Chicken Wings Ever News: The smoked chicken wings with white sauce were another hit. Yelper Scott M. says, "Not your run of the mill wings, ten steps up to, "oh my God!" Yelper Craig P., who considers himself a chicken wing connoisseur, writes, "these are some of the best I have ever had." [Yelp]

The Orgasmic Desserts News: Diners seem to like all the classic Southern desserts. OpenTable poster SouthernGirl calls the peach and blueberry cobbler with ginger ice cream "yummy" and Yelper Scott M. writes, "The the humming bird cake and chocolate pecan pie sent me to the moon! Overall, an orgasmic experience, I think I saw Meg Ryan!" [OT, Yelp]

The Cocktails for Bourbon Lovers News: One OpenTable poster writes, " If you're a bourbon/whiskey lover the cocktail menu is made for you" Yelper Todd A. says the restaurant makes "very good drinks!" and Yelper Gina J. says, "the punch cocktail was delicious! Not to strong with a hint of mango and mint." [OT, Yelp]

The Varied Service News: Diners had vastly different service experiences and seemed to either love it or hate it. One OpenTable poster writes, "The service was lacking quite a bit in terms of our waiter. But they just opened and are still working the kinks out." But Yelper Nassika E. writes, "The service was perfect and on point." [OT, Yelp]

Succotash - National Harbor

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