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The Dabney Day by Day, FroZenYo Scaling Back, More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.


The times, they are changing

FroZenYo, the Fairfax-based froyo chain, is shuttering a decent number of stores, reports Washington Business Journal. At peak froyo, the local chain operated 12 stores — with plans for an expansion of around five more — but have closed seven spots in the last year (including in some very high-traffic areas.) [WBJ]

One more Pope piece (sorry)

The Pope was (and is still) here, remember? Seems but a dream. But here's one more fun Pope piece, because the unquenchable need for Pope news means the world should know about his on-flight meal while en route to the US. [DCist]

What to do, what to do

Thrillist has nicely rounded up all the can't-miss activities this fall in the city. The absolutely no-surprise shock reveal? So, so many involve eating (or drinking.) [Thrillist]

Eight installments and counting

Tim Carman is painstakingly chronicling every aspect of Jeremiah Langhorne's journey to open The Dabney, his first Washington venture. The latest column talks all the little intricacies of opening up shop — like too-wet reclaimed wood (major ugh!) [WaPo]