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Anita Lo's White House Collab, Filipino Food Fun and More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

Chef Anita Lo
Chef Anita Lo
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The ultimate chef collab

Twitter user @ObamaFoodorama points out that Anita Lo, Top Chef runner-up will be the first female chef to collaborate with the White House on a State Dinner (though many have been invited to join in before.) On the menu? Wild mushroom soup, grilled lamb, lobster. [Twitter]

Filipino food frenzy

DCist went gaga over Bad Saint on their first look at the spanking new Columbia Heights restaurant. But that's not all. They've also provided a menu decoder of Filipino dishes likely to land on the menus of all restaurants that seem to be popping up suddenly — for the intrigued but intimidated. [DCist]

Speaking of female chefs...

Washington Post Express has the low-down on a cool new art exhibit at the Mansion on Strathmore, which, says Express, features portraits of local female chefs with vibes a bit more calm than you're likely to find they have in their busy local kitchens. [Express]

And it begins

The Washington Post's Fall Dining Guide launches October 8.  Until then, the paper's counting down Tom Sietsema's top 10 favorite restaurants in the area — one each day. Number 10 is The Grill Room. Any guesses for 9 - 1? [WaPo]