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Shake Shack's Pickled Jalapeno Burger is Now at F Street and Dupont Circle

This week only.

Shake Shack Blog

File this under slightly odd but very welcome: Shake Shack is creating a special, very limited burger in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of food mag Every Day with Rachael Ray. The special pickled jalapeño burger is a cheeseburger with crispy marinated shallots, Thai pickled jalapeños from local stalwarts Gordy's Pickle Jar and sriracha.

Second update: The celebratory burger will be available at both the Dupont location and Shake Shack's F Street location — and for but six days (Oct. 13 through Oct. 18.) Also on Oct. 13, the recipe for the burger will be published in the latest issue of Every Day. [Twitter]

Editor's Note: The burger moved to F Street after they experienced equipment issues in Dupont, but was later re-added to the menu.