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José Andrés in Haiti, Sietsema in New York, More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

The Wydown, a Post-approved coffee shop.
The Wydown, a Post-approved coffee shop.
The Wydown/Facebook

It's picking time

Edible DC has recognized the importance of apple-picking options come fall, so they've rounded up five nearby orchards for the DIY fruit approach. It's Maryland-heavy but there's a Virginia option thrown in there, too. [Edible DC]

José in Haiti

The New York Times has the low-down on José Andrés's visit to Haiti — a trip that resulted in the one-hour doc Undiscovered: Haiti With José Andrés. It will air on PBS this fall, but first read about it. [NYT]

Cool coffee club

The Washington Post took the opportunity to turn National Coffee Day, where coffee chains offer freebies, into a chance to highlight local java joints. Is your favorite on the list? [WaPo]

Eating across the country

Also at The Washington Post, Tom Sietsema continues his series that searches for the best food city in America by spending 11 days in New York. He was kinda ... underwhelmed, tbh. [WaPo]