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The Early Word on The Airedale in Columbia Heights

"I was in ham, swiss, coarse mustard, french toast, deep fried heaven!"

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The Airedale
The Airedale

The Airedale, a pub and beer garden in Columbia Heights, opened about three weeks ago in the former Mad Momos space. The menu has a serious European bent with items like croque monsieur sandwiches and currywurst. It also serves poutine, the beloved Canadian dish of fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy. Diners haven't yet commented on the Christopher Walken painting hanging on the wall, but they have plenty to say about the beer, food and soft-serve flavored with Old Overholt whiskey. The Airedale already has 17 Yelp reviews with an overall rating of four stars. Read on for the early word:

The Attentive Service News: Several diners went out of their way to comment on the pleasant service. Yelper DC J.says it was "attentive service without going overboard" and Yelper Rae S. says "the servers were friendly, attentive, and accommodating." [Yelp]

The Solid Beer List News: Yelper Rebecca M. calls the beer list "solid and well priced" while Yelper Rhys Y. calls it "eclectic." Yelper Kate R. likes the Flying Dog Bloodline Nitro and admits, "It'll be hard to order any other beer in the future knowing there is a nitro on tap." [Yelp]

The Hot Outdoor Space News: Some guests were concerned about the lack of shade in the outdoor spaces. Yelper Melissa C. says, "The back roof top was nice and private, but fans are definitely needed out there to combat these hot temperatures!" Yelper Ruth C. agrees that the outdoor spaces are only useful "assuming you aren't hiding inside to escape the heat." [Yelp]

The This Is Not Poutine News: Several diners had strong opinions about how poutine should be served According to Yelper Jen S., her friend declared, "this is not poutine. This is cheese fries with some sauce on it." Yelper Caroline C. was disappointed the cheese curds melted under the heat of the gravy but offers, "proper poutines in DC are kind of lacking...but hey, there were a couple solid chunks too so I was content." Yelper J.G. calls it "excellent" but admits it was his first time trying the dish. [Yelp]

The Best Monte Cristo Ever News: It's hard to go wrong with deep-fried ham, cheese and bread. Yelper Colin S. calls The Airedale's Monte Cristo the best he's ever had and writes, "I was in ham, swiss, coarse mustard, french toast, deep fried heaven!" Yelper Mario L.calls it "very good" and Yelper Catherine C. calls it "yummy!" [Yelp]

The Wurst News: Sausages appear in several dishes on The Airedale's menu. Yelper Mario L. wanted to put the sauce from his currywurst on everything. But Yelper Francine M. writes, "my Bratwurst and Schweinwurst were definitely NOT sausages... the dish was basically generic chopped hamburger meat and sliced jumbo hotdog on a greasy bun..." Don Rockwell forum posters Michael BDC and eatruneat were also perplexed by this sandwich but realized it's simply a Belgian specialty called La Mitraillette. [Yelp, DR]

The Crispy Fish and Chips News: Yelper Liz D. says, "the fish and chips were great - crispy fries and fresh, tasty fish." Yelper Caroline C. also liked the dish but adds, "My one teeny tiny complaint is that the fish and chips batter is seasoned with caraway, a personal problem since it's not my favorite flavor." [Yelp]

The Freaking Good Soft Serve News: PoPville calls the Old Overholt soft-serve "amazing" and adds, "Oh man it is so freaking good…" Yelper Liz D. calls it, "Super good - worth going for this alone!" Don Rockwell forum poster MichaelBDC says, "When paired with a 'hard' root beer the ice cream really shines. We will be back for that combo." [PoP, Yelp, DR]

The Airedale

3605 14th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20010 (202) 722-1212