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Car Crashes into Dolcezza, Jumbo Slice in Pittsburgh, More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

Dolcezza Factory
Dolcezza Factory
R. Lopez

Sunchoke stories

Here's a recipe for pickled sunchokes, Jeremiah Langhorne-style. Tasting Table does a quickie profile on the Dabney chef. [TT]

An ice cream comeback?

A former owner of longtime (and departed) D.C. ice cream giant, Gifford's, is mounting a comeback. He'll develop sweet treats for Kron Chocolatier. [BM]

Jumbo Slice sweeps the nation

A pizza joint in Pittsburgh is trying its hand at giant slices. And yes, they're inspired by the Adams Morgan icon. [PPG]

Weekend crash

A driver crashed his SVU into the Dolcezza Factory over the weekend. There were several injuries, according to Frozen Topics. [FT]

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