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The Early Word on Takumi in Falls Church

Sushi from a Kaz vet.

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Dylan C./Yelp

Kaz Sushi Bistro fans have been flocking to Falls Church ever since Takumi opened there last month. That's because chef and owner Jay Yu is a longtime Kaz vet. His small, strip mall restaurant focuses on nigiri and sashimi but also does a few Japanese izakaya-style dishes. It currently has 16 Yelp reviews with an overall rating of five stars. Read on for the early word on Takumi:

The Kaz Comparisons News: Many diners couldn't resist comparing Takumi to Kaz Sushi Bistro. Yelper Heidi H. writes, "this prodigy from Kaz is creating the most pure, delicious, interesting sushi around." Don Rockwell felt like he was at a Kaz family reunion because so many members of the staff had previously worked there. Don Rockwell forum poster Charles Tsui writes, "While much of the menu will look familiar to Kaz regulars, there's a hard-to-pinpoint generosity of flavor that made me prefer Takumi's versions to the originals."  [Yelp, DR]

The Small Yet Modern Decor News: Yelper Aurelie T. was surprised by how small the restaurant is and writes, "BUT DON'T LET THAT FOOL YOU!!! The decor was beautiful. It was very modern but kept the traditional vibe with Japanese styled artwork hung on the left wall." Yelper Jennifer C. writes, "'s a small restaurant, so you might miss it, but it's worth doubling back for." [Yelp]

The Delicious Consommé with Tiny Clams News: Don Rockwell writes, "This was a delicious consommé, and one that I would happily get again." A commenter for Arlington Magazine writes, "as a fan of Miso soup, the one with clams was delicious. " [DR, Arlington]

The Definition of Comfort Food NewsLaura Hayes writes in Arlington Magazine, "Agedashi tofu... is made memorable by the addition of mixed mushrooms to kick up the earthy, umami flavor." Don Rockwell calls it the definition of comfort food. Yelper Kobayashi Y. also says it’s "exquisite." [Arlington, DR, Yelp]

The Decadent Bird’s Nest News: Don Rockwell writes of the dish, "Although there was nothing fattening in here, it came across as almost decadently rich, and despite its moderate size, was quite filling..." Don Rockwell forum poster naxos also says it was one of the highlights of the meal, and Arlington Magazine also recommends it. [DR, Arlington]

The Amazing Hamachi News: Don Rockwell forum posters Charles Tsui and naxos both recommend the hamachi with uni, and Yelper Aurelie T. says its "AMAZING." [DR, Yelp]

The Popular Fatty Tuna News: Many diners are recommending the fatty tuna, which appears in several rolls on the menu. Foursquare user yy9dorf says the fatty tuna is "amazing" and Yelper Dylan C. also recommends it. Don Rockwell likes the Negitoro Roll made with fatty tuna and scallion. [FS, Yelp, DR]

The Rice Debate News: Don Rockwell gushes about the "outstanding" sushi rice, but Yelper Lisa N. writes, " one complaint is the rice- it seemed a little too cold/hard for sushi rice." Yelper J C. also says, "Rice wasn't cooked right." [DR, Yelp]


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