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Rose's Luxury and Woodberry Kitchen Are Among America's Essential Restaurants

Eater's National Eater 38 is here.

Aaron Silverman at Rose's Luxury
Aaron Silverman at Rose's Luxury
R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

National Eater critic Bill Addison has unveiled his list of America's 38 Essential Restaurants. Among them: D.C.'s Rose's Luxury and Baltimore's Woodberry Kitchen.

Picks hail from all across the country, including Clancy's in New Orleans, Estela in New York, Franklin Barbecue in Texas and many more. Addison writes this of Rose's Luxury (a full review is here):

No other restaurant rewards a lengthy wait for a table with such enveloping hospitality. Once you’re inside the converted two-story townhouse, the warm staff speeds out drinks and an array of sumptuous breads. That welcome onrush sets the tone for food crafted with equal parts smarts and gusto. Few chefs bring such unerring daring to their menu as Aaron Silverman, who has grown ever more confident in uniting unlikely ingredients into astonishing ensembles. His crumbled pork sausage with lychees, coconut cream, and herbs has emerged as a signature, as has his family-style serving of magnificent smoked brisket.

Readers can find an entire package of coverage here, outlining national trends, "best of" picks, and a whole bunch of pie photos.