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The Early Word on Kinship, Eric Ziebold's New Restaurant in Shaw

"the relatively accessible prices... were reasonable enough that this won't remain a special occasion restaurant."

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R Lopez

Former CityZen chef Eric Ziebold officially returned to D.C. last month. Diners are now flocking to Kinship for his famous Parker House rolls and modern American dishes. The menu is a la carte, but it's divided into sections like Craft, History, Ingredients, Indulgence, and For the Table. His tasting menu-centric Metier opens later this winter.

The restaurant, designed by Darryl Carter, features a black marble bar, sleek banquettes, a fireplace, and modern artwork on the walls. So far, it only has 10 Yelp reviews with an impressive overall rating of five stars, but there's plenty of chatter on social media and other sites. Read on for the early word on Kinship:

The Casually Elegant Decor News: The blogger at May’s Mutterings writes, "The space is very interesting—it’s spare and minimalist. There are a couple of alcoves with tables, and these are definitely the best seats for both sound and comfort." OpenTable poster Left Bank describe the atmosphere as "casually elegant," and Don Rockwell forum poster Bart writes, "Bright enough to see everything well, but dim enough to create a nice atmosphere."  [May's Mutterings, OT, DR]

The Not Special Occasion Prices News: OpenTable poster Tampopo writes, "Initial reaction to the price points might seem expensive, but if you think about it, $50 for the entrees to be shared is actually not so bad..." Yelper Gabrielle O. writes, "the relatively accessible prices ($260 pre-tax and tip for 2 including a bottle of mid range wine, a digestif, foie gras and dessert) were reasonable enough that this won't remain a special occasion restaurant." But Don Rockwell forum poster JBag57 writes, "...I was pretty disappointed to see the menu prices of this supposedly approachable restaurant." [OT, Yelper, DR]

The Great Wine List: Speaking of prices, OpenTable poster TCBW writes, "Wine list was great as well with some very good offerings at the mid price points- something for everyone." Although there was some outcry on the Don Rockwell forum over the $50 corkage fee, poster Simon writes, "Based on my perusal of the wine list, I'll probably pay the $50 corkage next time." [OT, DR]

The Cute Little Parker House Rolls News: Ziebold's beloved rolls are served with items order from the "for the table" section of the menu. Yelper Debra Z. writes, "The cute little parker house rolls were buttery and perfect to soak up the sauce." TripAdvisor user Carkies writes, "If you loved the parkerhouse rolls at CityZen, you will not be disappointed as they are available here as well (as just as good as you remember!)." [Yelp, TA]

The Very Appetizing Agnolotti News: Yelper Kate G. writes, "Parmigiano Reggiano Agnolotti - 4 stars - This was a great dish. Lamb bacon, cream sauce, cheesy pasta. Nothing here not to love." TripAdvisor poster Papgena also calls it "very appetizing," and OpenTable poster BigEaters especially also loved the dish. [Yelp, TA, OT]

The Ridiculously Good Sashimi News: OpenTable poster cocowireless calls the blue fin toro sahsimi "delicious" and Don Rockwell forum poster Mark Dedrick says it's "ridiculously good." [OT, DR]

The Fantastic Mushroom Torchon News: TripAdvisor poster boybanker writes, "The mushroom torchon was a dense and 'mushroomy' pate, with wild mushrooms and beets on the side to put on top of the pate-spread warm toast." Instagrammer @beenthereeatenthat calls the dish "gorgeous & fantastic," and Yelper Calder S. says, "I would have easily mistaken the vegetarian torchon for one made with meat." [TA, Instagram, Yelp]

The To Die For Lobster French Toast News: TripAdvsior poster Carkies says it’s "the must not miss dish" at Kinship. Twitter user reesevans says it’s "to die for," and Instagrammer @hendersoncox calls it "the front runner for best dish of 2016." [TA, Twitter, Instagram]

The Outstanding Strogonoff with Sweetbreads News: OpenTable forum poster gr8eats writes, "Sweetbreads starter was outstanding, with mushrooms and a wonderful sauce." Don Rockwell forum poster Simon says, "The one disappointment on the stroganoff was that it was not quite hot and the sweetbreads weren't as juicy as I have had them...The taste on the stroganoff was fantastic though and just coated the mouth in richness." [OT, DR]

The Truly Decadent Desserts News: Diners are loving Kinship's desserts like sticky toffee pudding, grapefruit terrine, and pumpkin pie bread pudding. Don Rockwell forum poster porcupine writes, "I did a silent 'oh, come on' eye-roll at 'chocolate chip cookie dough soufflé'.  Fortunately Mr P doesn't have my food snob issues; he ordered it.  It was excellent." Poster Waitman recommends the Valrhona custard cake. He writes, "truly decadent and did that thing of pairing salty and sweet so it’s easier to eat way more than you need to." [DR]


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