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The Liberator, Another Pizza D'Oro, More Coming

Plus additional locations of World of Beer and Jimmy John's in this week's Plywood Report.

A World of Beer location
A World of Beer location
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

1) PENN QUARTER: The Liberator, serving Irish and European fare, is bound for 477 H St. NW (this space has had several rumored concepts before it, like a cigar bar). [PLYWOOD]

2) COLUMBIA HEIGHTS: Location #2 of Pizza D'Oro is on the way, this time to 14th and Spring St. NW. [PLYWOOD]

3) FAIRFAX: The World of Beer chain of bars will expand to the Fairfax Corner shopping center. [PLYWOOD]

4) U STREET: Another location of sandwich shop Jimmy John's is bound for 1408 U St. NW.