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Unicorns, Antlers, and Cocktails: Inside The Twisted Horn

Check out that bathroom wallpaper, too.

The Twisted Horn is opening this Friday at 819 Upshur St. NW. Petworth's newest bar is housed inside a former church.

Chef and owner Jamie Leeds and general manager Megan Coyle promise classic and modern cocktails such as a ramp and jalapeño-spiked Saboteur Sling and an Ideal Cocktail with gin, vermouth, and marcona almonds. There's also beer and wine, and snacks like a pickle plate, onigiri (Japanese rice balls), and crostini.

The interior was designed by Edit Lab at StreetSense and has room for 40, and there's plans for patio seating in the future. In keeping with the bar's name, the fantastical space is adorned with artwork and objects depicting horned creatures like unicorns and deer. The walls are painted in moody colors like dark purple and midnight blue while chain-and-orb pendant lamps hang above the black wooden bar. Also check out the fabulous bathroom wallpaper— it looks inspired by stained glass church windows.