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More on Tail Up Goat; Foie Festival Returns

Plus "you're doing it wrong"-style advice for diners.

Boundary Road
Boundary Road
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

ADAMS MORGAN— Early February is the latest target date for the Komi veteran-led restaurant Tail Up Goat. BYT talks to the team, and they say to expect the unusual: "crazy organ meat, or an unexpected combination of flavors, or some super oxidized wine or a very bitter cocktail." [BYT]

ADVICE— Don't rub wooden chopsticks together. Don't touch the server. Here are some random words of advice from D.C. restaurant managers. [WaPo]

ATLAS DISTRICT, CAPITOL HILL — Southeast D.C. and Northeast DC will again celebrate foie gras this year. The Foie Festival is scheduled for Jan. 13-20. [EaterWire]