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Popcorn for Petworth, a New Bakery and More Restaurant Construction

Plus, a new Popeyes and more in Plywood Report

Pan Lourdes Bakery
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

1) PETWORTH: Popcorn for Petworth? Popcorn food truck Stella’s PopKern is planning a brick and mortar location at 4414 Georgia Ave. NW. An opening could come by month’s end, and the food truck will live on. [PLYWOOD]

2) ADAMS MORGAN: Important fried chicken intel: chain Popeyes will open a location at 1742 Columbia Road (there’s signage up). Locations of the Louisiana chain always tend to draw a lot of attention from D.C., where Popeyes has a big following. [PLYWOOD]

3) WHEATON: Bakery Pan Lourdes will open at 11210 Triangle Lane in Wheaton. The Central American bakery will serve everything from scones to doughnuts. It’s a local chain. [PLYWOOD]

4) ALEXANDRIA: Gluten-free bakery Happy Tart is hoping to add a restaurant component to its operation in Del Ray. They’ve applied for a permit to add seating to the small space. The bakery also has a location in Falls Church. [POST-PLYWOOD]

6) ADAMS MORGAN: Not a lot of specifics here, but an American restaurant could end up being built in a parking lot currently used to house customers from Lauriol Plaza at 2009 18th St. NW. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

7) DOWNTOWN: A Cafe Phillips location is now called Nerds & Nibblers at 1451 L St. NW, but the menu appears unchanged. [PLYWOOD]