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Wydown Coming in November, Plus More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

The Wydown's H St. location
The Wydown's H St. location
The Wydown/Facebook

Wydown on H St.

It's looking like a November opening for the new Wydown location at H St. NE's new Apollo Building. Eater previously reported on the forthcoming location — and Borderstan has more scoop. "Construction is going really well," co-owner Chad McCracken told the site in an email. If the image posted by Wydown on Twitter is any indication, expect lush wallpaper and mod lighting. [Borderstan]

Michelin madness

Yesterday was the big day for D.C.'s restaurants. Today we examine the peripheral news:

- Washington City Paper talks about (all the so, so many) failed predictions from the D.C. guide.

- Washingtonian discusses if (err, how?) service plays a role in Michelin awarding its stars

- Amazon kinda bungled the Michelin news, reports Washingtonian. Which, lol.

For something a lil different

If Michelin, in the immortal words of Shania Twain, don't impress you much, here's another round-up that might. DCist rounds up D.C.'s best chicken wings. Chao Ku, Yellow House and Maketto all make the list. [DCist]

Please expand here. Please.

D.C. is becoming something of a must-open locale for restaurants located elsewhere. We'd like to humbly nominate this free fountain of wine that flows 24/7 — located in Italy's Abruzzo region — for D.C.'s next hot open. [Eater]