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Chef Nora Poullion of Restaurant Nora is Planning to Retire

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She has been a pioneer in the organic food movement

Restaurant Nora
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Chef Nora Poullion of D.C.’s groundbreaking Restaurant Nora is planning to retire — but don’t expect it to happen immediately.

The chef behind D.C.’s first organic restaurant, Restaurant Nora, which has been open for nearly 38 years, is looking for someone to take over the place and carry on her legacy. ""At this point in my life, I want to be a leader and an inspiration to share my vision," the chef said in a press release. "Since none of my four children want to take over Restaurant Nora, it won’t be a fast transition. It might take years to find the right person who is as passionate as I am about organic, healthy food, but I have so much confidence in today’s enthusiastic generation of chefs and restaurateurs."

Restaurant Nora was the first certified organic restaurant in the country when it received that designation in 1999. The restaurant is located at 2132 Florida Ave. NW in Dupont Circle. Poullion is the author of several cookbooks and a 2015 memoir.