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D.C.’s Christmas Bar is Coming Back (And It’s Bigger), Plus More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

Miracle on 7th Street
R. Lopez

Jolly good news

Here’s a reason to get excited for the Christmas season already. Pop-up Christmas-themed bar Miracle on 7th Street is coming back — and it’s now taking over three different Derek Brown bars instead of just one. The bar had everything: dreidel chandeliers, dinosaur Nativity scenes, Santa tiki cocktails. Here are some scenes from last year’s festiveness. It all kicks off the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Fight the power

New York Times: Here are D.C.’s new “power spots.” Washingtonian: “Power spots” don’t exist. At least everyone can agree that Eater DC’s Michelle Obama Dining Map is worth referencing. [NYT/Washingtonian]

Side gigs

The new REI flagship in NoMa has a mural about poop. Why this is relevant to a restaurant site: bartender extraordinaire Chantal Tseng drew it, along with another chalk artist with bartender roots, Patrick Owens. [WBJ]

Book Club

Anthony Bourdain fans, here’s a look inside his new cookbook, “Appetites.” Cool cover illustration. [E]

Half-smoke artists

Meet the company behind the half-smokes enjoyed at Ben’s Chili Bowl and now, Sweet Home Cafe. The company, Manger’s, is Baltimore-based. [BS]

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