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D.C.’s Christmas Bar is Coming Back (And It’s Bigger), Plus More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

Miracle on 7th Street
R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Jolly good news

Here’s a reason to get excited for the Christmas season already. Pop-up Christmas-themed bar Miracle on 7th Street is coming back — and it’s now taking over three different Derek Brown bars instead of just one. The bar had everything: dreidel chandeliers, dinosaur Nativity scenes, Santa tiki cocktails. Here are some scenes from last year’s festiveness. It all kicks off the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Fight the power

New York Times: Here are D.C.’s new “power spots.” Washingtonian: “Power spots” don’t exist. At least everyone can agree that Eater DC’s Michelle Obama Dining Map is worth referencing. [NYT/Washingtonian]

Side gigs

The new REI flagship in NoMa has a mural about poop. Why this is relevant to a restaurant site: bartender extraordinaire Chantal Tseng drew it, along with another chalk artist with bartender roots, Patrick Owens. [WBJ]

Book Club

Anthony Bourdain fans, here’s a look inside his new cookbook, “Appetites.” Cool cover illustration. [E]

Half-smoke artists

Meet the company behind the half-smokes enjoyed at Ben’s Chili Bowl and now, Sweet Home Cafe. The company, Manger’s, is Baltimore-based. [BS]