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Color and Whimsy Take Flight at The Bird, Opening Monday

The design is crazy and fun

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

When a restaurant is named The Bird and it's all about poultry, it's pretty clear the people behind it have a sense of humor and fun. That plays out in the design of the follow up to The Pig, opening at 1337 11th St NW later this month.

Murals throughout the restaurant depict flowers, faceless beings, trees, and birds in flight. One bathroom has looming roosters and refrigerated eggs dominant in its design scheme; the four birds depicted in the men's bathroom actually live at restaurant company EatWell's farm. There are patchwork chairs and benches, and stools and lights of varying colors all contributing to the eclectic look of the space. Local artists Jas Heebner, Heidi Phelps, Manuel Claros, Peter Cizmadia, Erik Lobato, Rodrigo Sauno, Ernesto Zeleya, and Gean Carlos Martinez all contributed to the various murals throughout the restaurant. Corey Stowers worked with several artists in a coordinator role as well.

Chef Michael Bonk has created a poultry-dominant menu where all parts are used and birds like duck, quail, turkey, squab, grouse, goose and ostrich are all showcased (eggs will be a big focus, too). UPDATE: The restaurant opens Monday.