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More Post-Election Restaurant Fallout, Plus More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

Fish from the now-shuttered Benjarong
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Election fall-out continues

Here’s what day two, post-Trump victory, looks like in restaurants. looks at what food policy will look like under a Donald Trump presidency (and checks out how food policy initiatives fared across the country when it came to voting). José Andrés , currently in a legal battle with the president-elect, is encouraging everyone to move forward. The Trump Hotel in D.C., home to the Benjamin Bar and BLT Prime, saw hundreds of protesters gathered outside yesterday (here’s Eater DC’s diary of election night spent there). Meanwhile, The Passenger encouraged customers to cope with themed cocktails like 538, Apocalypse Now and Nasty Woman last night. [E, WaPo, DCist, FB]

Let's be there for each other #stiffdrinks #booze #overproof #cocktails #PMA #drinkwithus #godsaveamerica

Posted by The Passenger on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Shutter

An tipster reported to Eater that longtime Rockville Thai restaurant Benjarong closed at the end of last month. The phone line has been disconnected, and local blog Rockville View picked up the closure last week. It had been around since 1993. Eater has reached out to the restaurant via email to find out any reason for the closure. The restaurant thanked its customers with a note posted on the door, saying, “We regret to have this ended with profound sadness but we also cherished and treasured your continued support patronizing our food delicacies as well as be a part of our cultural diversities.” [Tipline, RV]

Shack Attack

Expect both a barbecue burger and a barbecue chicken sandwich in 2017 from Shake Shack. Expect more chicken sandwiches in general, actually. [E]

Coming Attractions

Here’s what Johnny Spero (Minibar) is up to next: a Georgetown restaurant called Reverie. [WCP]