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Another Indigo, More Cheesesteaks, and Other Construction Updates

Plus, Korean and Vietnamese food in this week’s Plywood Report

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

1) ADAMS MORGAN: Next up for Adams Morgan: cheesesteaks. Signage promising “Epic Philly Steaks” is up in a portion of the former Mixtec space at 1792 Columbia Road, and could arrive later this month. [PLYWOOD]

2) SOUTHWEST: Rice Bar will be a new Korean addition to Southwest. This would be the restaurant’s second location, serving up bibimbap and noodles. [PLYWOOD]

3) BROOKLAND: Good news here for Brookland: Indian restaurant Indigo is planning a second location there. The Facebook page for the restaurant predicts an early 2017 opening for the space at 3301 12th Street, NE. The original Indigo’s menu has such dishes as goat curry, lamb korma, and vegetarian platters, as well as some unique items like Punjabi tacos. [PLYWOOD]

4) COLUMBIA HEIGHTS: Construction is wrapped up for Vietnamese Chelsea Restaurant, a new option for Pho, rice noodles, and more. Owners are just waiting on paperwork for the restaurant located at 1413 Park Road NW. [POST-PLYWOOD]