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District Distilling’s Tours; 14K’s Treasury Tuesdays

A roundup of smaller restaurant news items and events

District Distilling Co.
R. Lopez

November 9, 2016

U STREET—Tours and tastings have kicked off at the new District Distilling Co. They start each day at 4 p.m. Monday-Friday, and are also held between 12-8 p.m. on weekends. Tours are $10 and reservations are required. Skip the tasting portion and get a $5 credit towards a cocktail at the bar. [EaterWire]

K STREET—Tuesdays are Treasury Tuesdays at 14K. From 6-9 p.m., the restaurant covers the tax on food and beverage purchases, and there is live music. [EaterWire]

November 8, 2016

CITY-WIDE—DC Cocktail Week has a date — or rather, range of dates. The 2016 week is running November 14 through November 20. While the list of those participating is somewhat exhaustive, there are a few stand-outs: Kyirisan, Maketto, Aperto, EatBar, Twisted Horn and so, so many more. More info online. [EaterWire]

NOVA—Fan of BOGO deals? Listen up. Copperwood Tavern is offering a BOGO for the books: buy one gift card on Black Friday, get one free. They’re available in $25, $50 and $100. [EaterWire]

CLIFTON—Sorry in advance but Trummer’s On Main has come up with a wonderfully disgusting Thanksgiving-themed cocktail suite. There’s the kinda cutely spirited and palatable: a pumpkin pie cocktail with rum and cider, a cranberry sauce cocktail with champagne. Then there’s the silly, including a cocktail with turkey-fat-washed bourbon and crispy turkey skin garnish; there’s also a cocktail combining vodka, shaved brined potatoes and butter syrup. Cocktails are available, should and of this sound appealing, the week of Thanksgiving: Nov. 21 through Nov. 25. [EaterWire]

November 7, 2016

CLARENDON—The NorVa location of Balkan-themed Ambar today begins weekday lunch service. Available Monday through Friday, from 11am until 2pm, the menu is focused on soups, salads and a selection of seven sandwiches. There are more food items that start with S on the menu, too, like those from the traditional Balkan section: stuffed sour cabbage and baked beans with sausage. Drinks range from non- to very-alcoholic drinks and juices. [EaterWire]

GEORGETOWN—Bourbon Steak swears it knows who will win the election tomorrow — based on cocktail sales. Evidently, Hillary Clinton will cinch the win, since the two democratic-themed cocktails (the James Buchanan has sherry, brandy, muddled berries and the Harry Truman has bourbon, sherry and house-spiced tincture) is selling like hotcakes compared to the two GOP-themed drinks (the Herbert Hoover is a dirty martini with white truffles and the Dwight Eisenhower has scotch, grenadine and absinthe.) [EaterWire]