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Mazel Tov Cocktails Are Real, Plus More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

DGS proves “mazel tov cocktail” isn’t just a slip.

Spacey Sighting

Turns out The Riggsby isn’t just for D.C. foodies to enjoy, oh no. WaPo reports that Kevin Spacey, of, you know, House of Cards, was seen at the restaurant. He was in town for a taping of a ceremony honoring veterans. [WaPo]

Martha & Snoop, BFF

Eater national live-blogged the first episode of Martha & Snoop Potluck Dinner Party, the most unlikely television show premiering maybe ever. Seth Rogen was there. So was Wiz Khalifa... Click over for all the second-by-strange-second commentary. [Eater]

Mazel Tov v. Molotov

While it’s been clear that certain Republican politicians/surrogates are pretty dang good at mixing up the words “mazel tov” and “molotov” — as in, molotov cocktail, an explosive known for its general ease of making and use — there is a silver lining to this weird mix-up. While the flub had many on the internet wishing for such a “mazel tov” cocktail, turns out this already exists, at least in D.C., because of course it does. WaPo traced a mazel tov cocktail to DGS, which has been serving the drink for several years. DGS’s cocktail combines plum gin liqueur, lavender syrup and champagne. [WaPo]

Bijou Bust

Washington City Paper’s Laura Hayes went to the Shaw Bijou — controversial, duh, due to its insane price tag — and felt mostly super out of place. The lackluster service wasn’t a great omen, either. [WCP]