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The Early Word on Farmers & Distillers

“This assortment of fried chicken, dumplings and beer has me feeling some type of way”

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Sweet Potato Ravioli at Farmers & Distillers.
Farmers & Distillers/Facebook

Farmers & Distillers, the latest joint from the folks that brought D.C. both Founding Farmers and Farmers Fishers Bakers, opened less than a week ago, but people are already buzzing.

F&D is open from 7am until 10pm daily, and has menus to cover all the bases — or, rather, all the hours of the day. First thing in the morning: coffee, juice, simple breakfast. There’s also an actual breakfast menu, a brunch buffet including donuts and a dim sum cart. Lunch/dinner has a New American vibe, with some quirky add-ons. But the latest from Farmers Restaurant Group isn’t simply a farm-to-table resto — this location has an in-house micro-batch distillery for making its own vodka and amaro.

Read on to hear what the people have to say about the latest Farmers restaurant, at 600 Massachusetts Ave, NW.

The Don’t Forget the Booze News: Washington City Paper is making sure that the focus isn’t just on the food — Farmers & Distillers has a legit booze program, too, with 40 cocktails. It’s going over pretty well with customers. Facebook user Melinda Koepke noted: “Drinks were on point. Anything with amaro is delicious!” [WCP; Facebook]

The Not-Quite There News: A brand-new restaurant can be expected to have some bumps in the service road. Yelper Jeremy G. wasn’t stoked on waiting for his reservation: “ girlfriend and I arrive around 9:10 and are told they are running "just a few minutes behind" on reservations. Well, that turned into 23 minutes later. Which defeated the purpose of even having a reservation, in the first place.” Facebook user Paul Corsi thought the interior was a bit tight: “Poor service, pass around only to end tables will not be back.” [Yelp; Facebook]

The Quirky News: There’s a special pet pal at the restaurant, notes Facebook user Natalina Olson: “I love the food, decor, drinks, and most of all the Alpaca Tipsy. Excellent cocktails + Decadent Food + Alpaca = Perfection!” [Facebook]

The Other Quirky News: “I'm a lover of kettle corn and they had that on the menu! Automatic order!,” said Yelper Kia D. [Yelp]

The Donut News: Lots of Yelpers are ordering the chicken-friend steak, and just love that it comes with a donut. Also from Yelp user Kia D.: “The donut was a surprise and was divine.. a nice, warm little treat!” Edwina D. was a bit more critical of the donuts when a la carte: “The $1 donuts were hit or miss.” [Yelp]

The Park Your Car News: “If you end up driving here, know there is a parking garage on the same block that just opened up (they haven't even painted the lines between the spaces as of yesterday) right next to the restaurant,” said Yelper Marc. H. [Yelp]

The Fun Name News: Instagram user @madeehasyed was into the creative monikers. She posted a pic of a burger with a fun caption: “When they call it a 'Juicy Lucy' you know you've got to try it.” [Instagram]

The Fried Chicken Feels News: “This assortment of fried chicken, dumplings and beer has me feeling some type of way,” posted Instagram user @keepingupwiththe_weissians. [Instagram]